Thursday, July 12, 2012

ShixxNOTE Quick look video

Editors from FindMySoft site created short video for ShixxNOTE program. So now you can look video at the program home page site or here. Video is very cool. Still I have plan to release more video material for ShixxNOTE especially about sending notes. Because in this video there is only just a quick look at the program. But I always say that ShixxNOTE is not just simple desktop sticky note program, it is also LAN messenger program with many communication options.

Click play and enjoy this short video !

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE Developer


Alarmes said...

Very useful thank you !!!

Shixx said...

Thank you Alarmes ! My plan is to put more video tutorials about ShixxNOTE. Because then customers or trial users will see how many options program have. For example in this video you can see only 20 percent of all what program can do. If you start to dig, you will find in program plenty of options, new menus, general, note and network settings dialog where you can configure everything. If you are advanced user you can change communication port but also normal users can configure how note will be created, change default width and height for every new note, and many many more options. I hope that users of my program will after working with ShixxNOTE for about 6 months will know how to hide note(s) with password, how to export note(s) to image or to Word document, how to create custom color theme for note, how to create and save recipients group, etc.