Tuesday, May 16, 2023

ShixxNOTE note options ๐Ÿ“จ

In this post I will show you in new video what can you do with ShixxNOTE program note. With right mouse click on desired note you will get "Note menu". From there you can format note text, change note theme, note color, note font, set note expiration or note alarm, send note to others, roll up note to title, change note title, save note as picture JPG or BMP, export note to *.shx file. But best option for me is to send colorfull note to your colleagues which also have ShixxNOTE installed. When you click on Send note to other option in note menu you will get "Send note to ..." dialog. On left side you have network neighborhood list. This list is populated on program start in separated thread. It scans your network for all computers in your LAN. You can right mouse click on every computer in network neighborhood list and you will get option to read IP address of the computer you've selected. On right you have recipient's list. Here you can add computer name, IP address or email address. If you add computer which does not have ShixxNOTE installed, don't worry program will try to send note and if doesn't receive response on port 2000 then ShixxNOTE will use Windows Messaging service. It will use MSG command. So that recipient will receive dialog with note plain text. After recipient get note it will hear sound and note will be shown in front of every dialog. Received note will have in note menu option "Reply to SENDER" so you can write something om received note and reply with note to sender. Office course if sender did't send Anonymous note. Then you will not know who send you the note. This is cool if you want to hide yourself. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Thursday, May 11, 2023

"Send note to ... " to others video ▶️

In this video you can see how easy is to send note to others. I've sent note to myself in video and then replied back to myself. Right mouse click on a note and from "note menu" you select "Send note to" - "Others...". They you will get "Send note to" dialog where you have two lists. In one list you can see all computers in your network neighborhood and in right list you add note recipients. Also you can add IP address or email address ShixxNOTE program will send notes directly to entered IP address or if you add email than your program will check for your default client and will run send mail for example in Outlook. Email client will ask you for permission so you must click that you allow ShixxNOTE program to start Outlook client.
Hope you will now send note to more than 10 recipients and make your communication cooler :-)