Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ShixxNOTE New version release date

It is time for new version of my program ShixxNOTE. There are lot of changes (autodetect URL in note text, transparency, etc.) and few bug fixes in program which you will be able to see on page "What's new" on program home page. Default ShixxNOTE language is English new version will be localized on German, Spanish and Italian language. New program version ShixxNOTE will work on any Windows platform. It doesn't need any framework or runtime so you can install program on old Windows 95 or new Windows 7. Still program is written in C++ and because of that it is quick, small and neat. It is client/server application so you have to enable in your Firewall program default ShixxNOTE program port "2000" or just click on button "Allow access" on dialog which appears on first program start on Windows 7. You have to do that if you want program to work properly in your LAN (sending and receiving notes). Because one program thread is listening on default port for received note data. In new version there is new function for reading your network (LAN) at program startup and it is faster then previous one. New version release will be available for download in December 2012.

On this image you can see screen shot of ShixxNOTE beta version (click to see larger picture):

Click to see larger picture.
Every potential customer who register current ShixxNOTE program version till December 2012 will get new stable version of ShixxNOTE and a license bonus for the same price. That means, if you now register for example ShixxNOTE 5-Users License which costs $24.95, in December 2012 you will get registered ShixxNOTE 10-Users License version, because you have license bonus.

So register now current program release and get license bonus for new version which will be released in December, 2012.

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE developer