Tuesday, May 16, 2023

ShixxNOTE note options 📨

In this post I will show you in new video what can you do with ShixxNOTE program note. With right mouse click on desired note you will get "Note menu". From there you can format note text, change note theme, note color, note font, set note expiration or note alarm, send note to others, roll up note to title, change note title, save note as picture JPG or BMP, export note to *.shx file. But best option for me is to send colorfull note to your colleagues which also have ShixxNOTE installed. When you click on Send note to other option in note menu you will get "Send note to ..." dialog. On left side you have network neighborhood list. This list is populated on program start in separated thread. It scans your network for all computers in your LAN. You can right mouse click on every computer in network neighborhood list and you will get option to read IP address of the computer you've selected. On right you have recipient's list. Here you can add computer name, IP address or email address. If you add computer which does not have ShixxNOTE installed, don't worry program will try to send note and if doesn't receive response on port 2000 then ShixxNOTE will use Windows Messaging service. It will use MSG command. So that recipient will receive dialog with note plain text. After recipient get note it will hear sound and note will be shown in front of every dialog. Received note will have in note menu option "Reply to SENDER" so you can write something om received note and reply with note to sender. Office course if sender did't send Anonymous note. Then you will not know who send you the note. This is cool if you want to hide yourself. 😃

Thursday, May 11, 2023

"Send note to ... " to others video ▶️

In this video you can see how easy is to send note to others. I've sent note to myself in video and then replied back to myself. Right mouse click on a note and from "note menu" you select "Send note to" - "Others...". They you will get "Send note to" dialog where you have two lists. In one list you can see all computers in your network neighborhood and in right list you add note recipients. Also you can add IP address or email address ShixxNOTE program will send notes directly to entered IP address or if you add email than your program will check for your default client and will run send mail for example in Outlook. Email client will ask you for permission so you must click that you allow ShixxNOTE program to start Outlook client.
Hope you will now send note to more than 10 recipients and make your communication cooler :-)

Monday, November 28, 2022

Buy me three Coffees ☕and get registered version

Support development of the ShixxNOTE program with buying me a Coffee.

Because this is the month of giving. Whoever buys me three coffees (total 15 USD) will get registered ShixxNOTE 7.net program version. When I receive a notification about the purchase of three coffees, I'll immediately send an email with a download URL where user can download registered version of ShixxNOTE 7.net worth 24.99 USD. I think this is fair.

Thank you for supporting my program👍

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

ShixxNOTE 7.net new price is 24.99 USD

New ShixxNOTE 7.net version released in March 2022 Build 146 now costs 24.99 USD for everybody. Price is no more based on how many computers you will install your ShixxNOTE 7.net program. You can install it on 10 computers in your company LAN and also for example on 4 computers at your home.

Before program was checking how many computers in your LAN have ShixxNOTE installed. Because program is always listening on port 2000 for new note data it was easy for me to calculate how many installations my customer did. Now there is no limit and program doesn't scan network to calculate how many computers have ShixxNOTE installed.

I hope you will now register new ShixxNOTE 7.net after 30-days of trial period. Program now works perfectly on all Windows versions including newest Windows 11. Off course you can install program on Windows XP and send note to some computer which have Windows 10 installed. Everything works perfectly.

Best regards,

Ozren Sirola

ShixxNOTE program author

Thursday, March 17, 2022

ShixxNOTE 7.net is released

Today in March 2022, new program version ShixxNOTE 7.net Build 145 is released. After many years finally program again at the start, scan your network neighborhood for other computers. So now when you go to Send note to others dialog you will see in Network Neighborhood list all computer names which program found. After you select and add computer name it will go to Recipients List. In Recipient List you can add not only computer name, but also you can add IP address or email address. If you have email address in recipients list, program will ask your permission to run you mail client and then will send ShixxNOTE email note which contain note data (note color, title color, formatting, note text, etc.).

As you can see ShixxNOTE 7.net works normally on latest Microsoft Windows 11. Main settings dialog now looks different. To refresh dialog new images are added. From main program menu (right mouse click on program try icon) select “Settings” and you will get General, Default note and Network settings dialog. There you can change how program will behave.

Network settings are important for users who like to send note to others. There you can change main ShixxNOTE 7.net program communication port 2000 to some other. Use this settings carefully. Also you can send note anonymously if you change option Default sent from option in Network settings dialog. After that when note is send recipient will not see from who it is. But recipient will then not able to reply to sender. If you like to fool somebody be anonymous.

Price for registered ShixxNOTE 7.net version is now 24.99 USD. If you buy program you can install program on every Windows computer in your LAN. Then sending and receiving notes to other colleagues in your company for instance is so simple and easy. Hope you will enjoy my program and hope you will register it 🙂

Best regards,
Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE 7.net program author

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Communication Has Never Been Easier

 Softpedia site

One of my favorite ShixxNOTE program Editor’s review is from Softpedia site. Program got 5 stars as an Excellent and badge from editor which you can see below. Name of the article is "Communication Has Never Been Easier" so please if you want check this great review of ShixxNOTE program by clicking on badge image link or image of complete page.

 Communication Has Never Been Easier

This is an image of complete page and also it is a link to read program Editor’s Review.

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola

Sunday, April 05, 2020

ShixxNOTE Your network neighborhood list and LAN


If you don't see nothing in your network neighborhood list when you try to send note to somebody, then read this post. Probably you have Windows 10 and all necessary updates. Like me. On Windows XP, Windows Seven and also on first edition of Windows 10, that list was always full with names of computers in your LAN. Now today you see nothing. Also you don't see your computer. But if you look below you will see your name of computer. So I decide to share with you how can you send and test sending of note to yourself. I decided to send one note to myself. Here below look on my picture first.

I got nothing in my list Network Neighborhood, but below I can see my computer name is OZREN which will be sender's name after I send note to myself. So I entered that name in text box who to send. Simply wrote my computer name OZREN and pressed enter. Then I got in Note Recipient list my computer. So I got one note to send to myself. You can see I also did right mouse click on my computer name and there I got menu where I select option Show IP address. Voila after that I also got my IP address. So I could enter my computer name or IP address in text box.

After I added myself in note recipient list I clicked on button Send note. And off course I got my desktop sticky notes promptly with sound from my speakers.

You can see that in second picture below:

Do it at your home or office and try to send note to the others by entering theirs computer names or IP addresses. It will work on Windows 10 with all cumulative updates. If you have Windows XP or old great Windows 7 you will have not this problems with empty lists.

Stay home because of world pandemic and wait like me for happy end.

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE author