Friday, December 28, 2012

Create and save note theme(s)

In this article I will show you how easy is to create your custom note theme(s). First you change note color for example in dark green, set note text color to white, then also change title color like I did on image bellow. After that open note menu and select "Theme" - "Save themes as ..." item in note menu.

You will get small dialog to write the name of your custom theme. That is all !

You have created your custom note theme. Also your theme is saved in list on themes in note menu. So if you want to change note theme on some other note you simply open note menu and select your saved theme. Then your for example yellow note will be changed.

And finally in note menu under "Theme" sub menu you can select "Organize themes" item and then you will get dialog like this one on the image below and in that dialog you can change order of your custom saved theme(s) also you can change name of your theme. I hope now you understand how easy is to create and use note theme(s).

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE program developer

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Example of using ShixxNOTE in your office


In this post I will show you on an image how ShixxNOTE program can be effectively use in your office or at any network (LAN). This example is about software company and how can developers in it use program to speed up a process of development.
From this image you can see communication between two developers Carl and Shawn. For example Carl sends a sticky note to Shawn, because Shawn is on the second floor or the office but he is in network (LAN) he receive note promptly. He simply modifies note and copies his code. After that he use ShixxNOTE note menu option "Reply to CARL-PC". After that in a second Carl receive modified note with code which he needed and loop is complete.

This example shows how only 2 computers with ShixxNOTE installed on it can communicate promptly. But Carl could send his note to Shawn, Peter and Marc which are his work colleagues. He could save that recipient list as a "Project X Team" and after that he simply create note and from note menu send note to saved group "Project X Team" and then Shawn, Peter and Marc will receive notes promptly.

I hope you understand how this is cool ! You have one program ShixxNOTE and all communication goes through it. In my company we use this for more than 5 years. But my latest customers are from medical background. Many dental offices from US, medical institute from France, etc. I find out that they have a need for ShixxNOTE. Hope they will spread out the word about my program ShixxNOTE.

P.S. At the program site, you can find new version of program which now have some cool transparency effects and some minor improvements. This is release from September 2012.

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE Program Developer

Thursday, July 12, 2012

ShixxNOTE Quick look video

Editors from FindMySoft site created short video for ShixxNOTE program. So now you can look video at the program home page site or here. Video is very cool. Still I have plan to release more video material for ShixxNOTE especially about sending notes. Because in this video there is only just a quick look at the program. But I always say that ShixxNOTE is not just simple desktop sticky note program, it is also LAN messenger program with many communication options.

Click play and enjoy this short video !

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE Developer

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Send note to a saved group of recipients

Let's say you have company on three floors, and you have 5 managers in your company. And you decided to have a meeting at 11am. But you don't want to go on the third floor just to say your sales manager about meeting. Instead of that you can use ShixxNOTE for that. First you create note and write on it when and where is meeting. When you get "Send note to" other dialog, you must click on every manager you want to be present,  but let's say you always have meeting with same managers. First time you click or enter IP address of every manager, but then you click on "Save Group" button on "Send note to" other dialog.

Then program will ask you to enter group name for saved recipients. That will be here "Managers Group". See picture below.

Your group "Managers Group" will appear in the list box above the recipients list. So any time later when you want to call a meeting again with same persons you will just select "Managers Group" from list of saved group. You can have how many you want saved groups.

After that your group is saved as a "Managers Group". So you can always select it from list in send note to other dialog and add some more recipients or one ideal solution is that all your saved groups will appear in note menu "Send note" and you will see your saved group "Managers Group". And click on it and all recipients in saved group will receive note promptly. You can also see that Group with more than one recipient in it will have different icon (many small boxes).

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ShixxNOTE Licensing policy and registering program

Maybe you know maybe you didn't but ShixxNOTE program is a shareware program. After you download program from pogram download site or some other shareware download site(s) you get ShixxNOTE trial 30-days valid version with full functionality. When 30-days period is expired you can register ShixxNOTE and became program customer with full tech support. On program order page you can select which license you want, which license suits your needs and then click on the button "Buy Now". Then you will be transferred to my payment processor company SWREG which is part of Digital River, Inc. company and MyCommerce solution. There you can choose method of payment, currency, if you want they can save program to CD and send it to you. Anyway SWREG accept all types of payment so don't worry.

After you buy ShixxNOTE 5-Users License you will receive email with download link for you registered version. Off course that link will be valid only for few days after that it expires. 5-Users License means that you can install ShixxNOTE registered version on 5 different computers (5 different IP addresses). If you have some small company with 5 computers and some extra one, than 5-Users License will be enough.

SWREG payment processor company owned by Digital River corporation.

After you install program on that 5 computers in your LAN, program will automatically at Windows start run network neighborhood search. Program is server and client in same time. It have one thread which is always listening on port 2000 (default port can be changed) for ShixxNOTE note data. When you send note to for example 4 recipients in your LAN they will promptly create desktop note and play sound when note data is received through port 2000. That is one way how program communicate. Also you can put in a recipient list email address, IP address or name of computer in your LAN which doesn't have program installed. Then what ?

ShixxNOTE will first try to send note data to that entered computer name or IP address if port is not open (maybe some firewall is blocking port 2000) than it will try to use NET SEND command to deliver just a message text and sender name. So you do not need to have ShixxNOTE installed to receive text from someone  who has installed program. That NET SEND command is part of Windows Messenger service but it works only Windows 9X/Me and XP/2K if you enable it in your services. I wrote before article about how to start that service on Windows XP/2K. I didn't forget email recipient. For that program first create note picture in JPEG or BMP format, after that it create email with note picture in an attachment and all necessary note informations in email body, also email subject contains text "ShixxNOTE note from" computer. When email recipient receives note he will see it in his Inbox first but if he has ShixxNOTE installed on computer than right mouse click on ShixxNOTE tray icon and on main program menu select "Check for Email notes". After you click on that menu item program will search through your Inbox and will find all emails created by ShixxNOTE program and if email contains all necessary data in body program will parse data from email and create note on computer desktop, after that it will clean Inbox and delete that mail.

Finally maybe now you are aware how program works. And I tried to describe all three was how ShixxNOTE program is sending note to recipient (directly through port, NET SEND command and via email). So I hope you will go to ShixxNOTE program homepage and buy program license which most suits your needs. Maybe in your company or ar home. But I will be glad to have one more customer.

To be sure you will not miss "Buy Now" button on program homepage. These are direct order links for ShixxNOTE program versions which will redirect you to secure payment processor site:

P.S. Check for special offer on ShixxNOTE program home page. Also for more info about license write directly to me. Because I also can make customized version or modified version to suit your need.

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola
Program Developer

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hide note(s) and set password

If you have some important note(s) which you want to hide temporary from the desktop all you need to do is to click on note menu item "Hide note". After that note will be not display after computer restart until you click on program main menu "Show all notes". But there is also option in "Settings" dialog where you can lock hidden note(s) with password.

Here you can see on those three pictures how you can hide note(s) and lock it with password. So when you click on main menu program item "Show all notes" you will be prompted to enter password.