Saturday, October 15, 2011

ShixxNOTE program on Wikipedia

Check popular encyclopedia Wikipedia and you will find ShixxNOTE in it. There is a page with all info about ShixxNOTE program and some images. Also you can find program under many categories on Wikipedia. It is listed in categories Desktop notesLAN messengers and instant messaging. That is great award for all effort I used as a programmer and developer.


Chris said...

Thnaks for the shared knowledge. I ke the way you are posting here. Keep dooing it.

ingellen said...

I'm really enjoy what you write about here. We try and visit your site every day so keep up the good posts!

Shixx said...

Thank you ingellen ! I am very pleased that you read my posts and that you like ShixxNOTE program. I will post articles here and on the my WordPress blog often. Because this is some kind of help for the customers and users.

Ozren Sirola

Sony said...

This is something I’ve been battling with because I want great search rankings but at the same time I want the best quality for Wiki Site visitors.

Shixx said...

I have battle with some of Wikipedia administrators. Cause article about ShixxNOTE program have been nominated for deletion. But I and some other users write all things why ShixxNOTE article is notable. You must be persistant.