Thursday, April 28, 2011

Main menu in Windows 7

In Windows 7 when you install program and run it after program tray icon is visible for few seconds. Then program icon disappear but you can always find it. This is important for ShixxNOTE program because main program menu with "Settings" item is located on it. So check this picture to see how to get ShixxNOTE program main menu on Windows 7 if tray icon is not visible.

On this picture you will see how to find and get ShixxNOTE program main menu.

Kind regards,
Ozren Sirola,


Lesly said...

Nice deseign. Good idea to get ShixxNOTE program main menu on windows7. Sounds interesting!!!

Unknown said...

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Shixx said...

Thanks Lesly
I really wanted ShixxNOTE to be really nice and neat program, which will stay in tray but when you start to dig you will find many settings, configuration dialogs and menus. Like that main program menu (with "Settings" option) which you get when you click (right mouse click) on tray icon.

Ozren Sirola