Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Google Chrome warning on download page

Since Google Chrome and other web browsers have been updated to new version I am having problem with simple download of ShixxNOTE program setup file (zip file). Because of that many of users doesn't know and they simply trust Google and they don't download ShixxNOTE program setup file. This is very big problem for me. And now I have to address to Google that ShixxNOTE is 100% secure for download.
Here is the images I get on my Google Chrome (it is on Croatian language) but it is the same warning on any language.
Download page where you download program setup file
After I click on "Primary Download" image button I get this Google Chrome warning.
Google Chrome warning in the bottom left corner
So just to inform all who is reading this post do as you can see on image above and click on "Keep file" because I assure you that ShixxNOTE setup file (zip) is 100 percent valid and secure. I don't know why Google did this but now that is the only way you can download ShixxNOTE 6.net setup file.
Kind regards,
Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE Program Author

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